Next to ADS-B, GliderTracking also supports SPOT Trackers.

A SPOT tracker is a very small device that sends it’s location 1 time every 10 minutes, through a satellite connection. That’s why a SPOT tracker has worldwide coverage.

With the gliding sport, SPOT trackers are used a lot, for tracking and safety reasons. Do you own a SPOT tracker? We can add and show your SPOT tracker on GliderTracking.

How do I get my SPOT position on GliderTracking?

We need the following data to add your SPOT tracker to our live tracking page:

  • SPOT Share Code
  • (Optional) Glider type, callsign, glider registration and name of the pilot

Send us these data through our contact form.

How do I get my SPOT Share Code?

  1. Log in on
  2. Click on the tab “Share”
  3. Click on “Edit/Manage Shared page” (when you don’t have a shared page yet, create a public share through “Create shared page”)
  4. Click in the overview table on the name (link) of the Shared Page.
  5. Copy the last part of the URL after “glId”. For example: glId=bjXLBXsLajQtEp6emvHoup9qnR1JmQM5f

Now you have the shared code to appear on GliderTracking!