A new age

As you may have noticed, our live tracking page is not active anymore. Although it was still used last year at gliding contests and several new features were implemented, this season it was only stand-by and not actively used anymore. In a previous news article “New vision”, you can read what goals we have reached. […]

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New vision!

Starting with season 2016, the GliderTracking live page will no longer be in the air. Back in 2008/2009 we were the first to experiment with ADS-B tracking in gliders. The reason to go offline now, is because we want to focus on a new vision, and second because our tracking page didn’t offer the best […]

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes The first gliding competitions of 2012 have ended! It’s time for an update by the GliderTracking team. Like last year, participants from the Dutch Gliding Championships ’12, held at airport Terlet were followed closely through SPOT trackers and ADS-B. There were also several participants to follow at the Open Dutch Military Championships […]

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ADS-B is alive!

Ontvanger dak Nijmwegen

We are pleased to see that many enthusiasts have equipped their glider with ADS-B and we can say that “ADS-B is alive!” However, there is still no nationwide coverage in the Netherlands. We want to cover Netherlands completely with ADS-B reception. However, we are a non-profit organization and we need your support, because we don’t […]

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Local coverage

To improve the ADS-B reception at low altitude around airports, the installation of an ADS-B receiver is necessary, close to your airfield. One of the main goals of the GliderTracking team is to create 100% coverage all over the Netherlands. Financially, we need help for that. Therefore, we would to call all gliding clubs and […]

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Racing weather! 2012?

The new flying season 2012 has begun! In the Netherlands, the first cloud streets has appeared and +500k flights has been made. That’s promising! From over 45 ADS-B connected gliders in the Netherlands, last monday Bas Schellenberg/PH-1169 has chosen the Dutch airspace and was able to be tracked on our live tracking page. At this […]

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Horror winter

It was quite exciting with temperatures of -20˚c during last winter. Will our hardware survive? With a CPU temperature of 6˚c, GliderTracking proved to be more reliable than the Dutch Railways!

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Presentations well attended

Our presentations at the Technical Symposium at airfield Terlet and the National Dutch Soaring Day in Zwolle were well attended by many gliderpilots. The great interest in GliderTracking gave us the confirmation that we are on our right way. During the presentations we gave away a glimpse in the future of live tracking.

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28.494 unique visitors


During the Dutch Nationals, held at airfield Terlet, GliderTracking got in two weeks time in total 47.352 page views and 28.494 unique visitors! Some visitors stayed on our live tracking page for more than an hour! Door deze enorme belangstelling hadden onze servers het zwaar te voorduren. Dit heeft ons doen besluiten de over stap […]

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